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Business Expansion

Introducing Plastic Injection Process

By placing its productivity priorities on a network of mold designing, TOHO Precision Molds Philippines, Inc. plans to expand its operation by adding plastic injection process. Starting January 2022, plastic injection machines will be installed, will be tried, and will be tested before fully operating to ensure its condition and precision as customer requirements.

Last March 25, 2022, TOHO celebrates its 7th Year in the Molding industry and continue to excel at making plastic injection products. Together with it is the inauguration of the Business Expansion program wherein we will now provide Plastic Injection Process for our dear clients.

The ultra-thin wall molding technology, which became our original technology with the introduction of ultra super machines and electric molding machines, demonstrates further responsiveness through a detailed production system. In addition, the state-of-the-art computer-controlled machine has dramatically improved the single setup and high cycle. Its manufacturing capacity is highly evaluated.

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