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3rd Batch Japan Trainees is a Certified N5 Passers

TOHO Precision Molds Philippines Inc. proudly announces that our 3rd Batch Japan Trainees are all N5 examinations passers. Our trainees have rated 100% pass start from our first and second batch trainees, now the third batch thrived to ace the N5 exam and showed greatness to prove that our program Japanese Language Training is effective.

Last August 8, 2023 the three trainees of the third batch challenged themselves to take the N5 exam and they all passed.

Recently October 15 the seven remaining third batch trainees took their chance in the N5 exam and 100% passed. The third batch of Japanese trainees showed their determination to study and to prove that they are eager and ready to take advantage of the Japan employment opportunity that TOHO Precision Molds Philippines Inc. is giving them.

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